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 Are you ready to take the next step and become part of the Rock Urban family? There are lots of ways to get involved, build relationships, and serve at Rock Urban!

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Sunday morning worship at The Rock is very intense, engaging, and driven by God’s powerful Spirit. We believe in the power of God to flow through our people as we worship in Spirit and in Truth. We specifically hand select all musicians and vocalists for our praise team, and we are also diligent in training and equipping people from within our body in the areas of lighting, video, and sound. We are very open, when we have a specific need; to having outsiders play in our band. We are always on the look-out for people within our body that are gifted in any of the areas listed above. So if you sing, play, or work in the area of media, there is a place for you to serve at The Rock. If you have questions about getting involved with Sunday morning worship at The Rock, please email Pastor Zach Rasmusson at


We believe that all of life is a drama. God has written us into his story and he has called us to express ourselves in a creative and worshipful way. Our drama team is focused on adding color to the portrait of life. We use drama within our services and at other events in order to send specific messages. Our desire is to have an impact on individuals in a way that is unique and different from preaching, singing, dancing or watching a video. We are always looking for people that are gifted in acting and/or willing to learn the art of expression. To get involved in the area of drama please email Pastor Nick Schippers at


We seek to worship God in a creative way through many contemporary forms of dance. Our dance team seeks to be original in the way we worship and we perform within Sunday morning services, for special worship services, and on the street for mission trips and inner city outreach. For more details on our dance ministry please email Pastor Nick Schippers at

Flintstones Kids Ministry (Infants - 5th Grade)

We know that the way that kids view God is VERY important. So our Children’s ministry is designed to give our kids the most accurate view of God possible. We believe that God is creative; engaging to his children, full of grace, full of truth, and his desire is for kids at The Rock to know the fullness of his love. In the Flintstones ministry we use drama, music, video, interactive teaching, and Bible stories to teach the kids the story of Jesus Christ. Please check out the areas in which you can serve within our Children’s Ministry below. We maintain a strict screening policy for any and all people that desire to work within our Children’s Ministry. If you have additional questions regarding Children’s Ministry please email us at:


The safety of our kids is of the upmost importance. So we have developed a security team to watch over the theater while our services are taking place. We are always open to having new people go through our security training process. We train and equip our security team so that we can assure you that your kids are safe before, during, and after our services.


Even though most of our music is very contemporary, we love the classics. Our Ensemble sings on a quarterly basis and for special worship services. If you are interested in joining our choir or our ensemble please contact Becky Petersen at

UCOM (United Christian Outreach Ministries)

On a bi-monthly basis The Rock Church family works in partnership with UCOM to help with their daily operations. UCOM works in the Grandville and Wyoming to help support families in need with food, clothing, health insurance, job training and career counseling.


Since we have an abundance of young and middle aged families at The Rock Church, we are always in need of people to work in the nursery during Sunday morning service. All of our workers are required to go through a screening process prior to serving in the nursery. If you are interested in working in the nursery please contact Karen Foote at

Cookie Ministry

We believe that blessing the community around us is something that God has specifically called us to. Therefore, we have teams of people within the church that make chocolate cookies every single week. Once the cookies are made, our assimilation/outreach team takes to the streets and gives cookies to new visitors, local businesses, hospitals, fire departments, police stations, etc.

Meals Ministry

Whenever we hear of a family in need, we seek to help them by providing meals for them. It does not matter if these families attend The Rock or not. When we hear of a family that has lost a loved one, fallen on hard times financially, or recently received the gift of a newborn child, we seek to lighten their weekly burden by having people within the church prepare meals for them. If you are interested in serving the church and the community in this way, please email Dora Scholten at

Kids Camps

Our kid’s camps include sports camps, our Wednesday morning community camps, and our VBS. We would love to have you volunteer to help with our kid’s camps. If you are interested in helping out please email