Phase 2 - ROCK YOUth Center!

It’s Starting Soon! Our architect is working on our drawings and we will begin work on our Rock YOUth Building soon. Completion is scheduled for Mid-September. A small gymnasium, fireside meeting room, kitchen, coffee bar, restrooms, and new foyer addition are all a part of the plan. Stay tuned for more information!

Be a Part of the Vision

God is moving at Rock Church! In less than a month, He has opened the doors to provide us with a new facility that will provide the space we need for Sunday services as well as our many ministries and events. We are beyond excited at what God is doing, and we want to share our enthusiasm! We invite you to become a part of the vision of Rock Church and get involved to join God where He is working!

What can I do?

There are several ways that you can help support Rock Church as we renovate and permanently move into our new home.

1. Donate

Getting our building ready for services, children's ministries, events, and more will require funds to renovate our facility. If you would like to give toward this project, please designate "building fund" on your check or envelope.

2. Volunteer

From landscaping to carpentry to cleaning, we are looking for dedicated volunteers to lend a hand and help us get the most out of our facility. If you would like to volunteer, email, contact a staff member, or stop by Tuesday-Saturday between 9:00am and 4:00pm.

3. Spread the Word

Ultimately, the purpose of a church building is to further the Kingdom of God, and that means seeing lives changed and people coming to Christ. We believe that God grows the church organically by believers spreading the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So, next time you come to a Bible study, Sunday service, or event, invite a friend!